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We are happy to assist you with facilitating you through the entire complicated legal processes in Thailand, including providing practical advice on legal procedures and registration of various licenses for your personal and your business matters.


• Commercial Litigation

• Corporate and Commercial Law

• Investigation of legal proceedings

• Insolvency and Restructuring

• Labor and Employment Disputes

• Criminal Law

• Civil Law

• Wills and Probate

• Marriage in Thailand

• Prenuptial Agreement

• Divorce in Thailand

• Thailand Notary

• Power of Attorney

• Arbitration in Thailand

• Notarizations

• Notarial Services

• Notarial attestations and certifications

• Legalizatio by MFA Thailad

• Authentication of signatures in documents;

• Witnessing contracts and other related documents;

• Administer oaths and affirmations;

• Certification of affidavits, depositions or testimonies;

• Legalization of documents and their certified translations;

• Administration of oaths and affirmations;

• Notarial certifications of title deeds, bank statements, IDs;

• Power of attorney.

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