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Our services include Accounting & Tax Management, Tax Audit, Payroll, Company Registration, Due Diligence, Financial Consulting, and more. Let us handle all the complicated processes so you don’t have to. You can rest assured knowing that you have licensed and professional accountants and consultants you can always rely on.

  • Tax Advisory and Structuring

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • Tax efficient structuring of real estate developments

Accounting service
We will prepare yearly accounting records such as journal, general ledger, sub-ledger, trial balance and financial statements. On the company’s request the monthly reports (BS, PL, Cash flow, and its sub-ledgers) can be provided with a deadline not exceeding 30 days in the following month.

Furthermore, our accounting service shall be practiced carefully under the Accounting Act of B.E 2000 and will comply with the Thai Accounting Standard (TAS) and Taxation rule.

Tax service

We provide all kinds of services for the company’s taxes and in addition will provide this service free for personal income tax (free for 2 directors) by preparing tax returns and filing them to the tax office in the area where the company is registered.. This service includes meeting, declaring and negotiating with the tax officer on behalf of the company.

Auditing service
We will conduct an audit of statutory financial statements in accordance with Thai Accounting Standard (TAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards.

Consulting service
Normally there is no charge (fee) except in complicated cases where there is a need for deep checking with a significant time-investment or in reference to new rules and regulations. In these instances consulting will be charged per time/case(s).
Depending on the client's request, our partner/manager or supervisor can visit one day per month to advise, the fee is dependent on its position and timing request.

Other services
We can also provide you with other services such as payroll service, company documents search, company secretarial service and providing a tax representative for declaring and/or negotiating. 

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